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13 October 2023
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Top Grain Traders ‘Helped’ Block the Attempt to End Soya Bean Trade Grown on Deforested Land 

The Guardian | 6 October 2023 

Two of the world’s leading livestock feed companies, Cargill and ADM reportedly helped block the efforts to halt the trade in soya beans grown on deforested land in South America. Soya is one of the cheapest available types of edible protein and is in great demand for animal feed around the world. As meat and dairy consumption has increased globally so has the need for soya beans. The proposed ban would have helped the growth of soya in ecologically sensitive areas, such as The Amazon and was supported by 14 leading grain traders.

Scientists Use CRISPR to Make Chickens More Resistant to Bird Flu  

The New York Times | 10 October 2023 

A new study published in the Journal of Nature Communications focuses on the potential and limitations of gene editing as a highly lethal form of avian influenza continues to spread around the world. Research revealed that breakthrough infections still occurred especially when gene edited chickens were exposed to very high doses of the virus. Findings saw that creating flu resistant chickens will require editing multiple genes and that scientists will need to tread carefully to avoid driving further evolution of the virus.  

South Korea’s Dongwon F&B Unveils Plant-Based Tuna at ANGUA

Undercurrent News | 10 October 2023 

Dongwon F&B, South Korea’s leading canned tuna producer, is set to introduce its plant-based tuna at the ANGUA global food fair in Cologne Germany. The company is expanding its product range to cater to the growing demand for vegan options in South Korea and globally. This move aligns with the increasing global demand for plant-based foods, driven by environmental and health concerns. 

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