Meat sourcing cover

Growing global demand for meat and dairy products continues to place unsustainable burdens on our planet’s limited resources. Animal agriculture is linked to nearly…

27th Jan 2020 | FAIRR Initiative

2021-12-09 Spotlight Climate Risk

Protein producers are increasingly vulnerable to climate-related financial risks. As governments adopt net-zero targets, a key sectoral focus will be decarbonising animal agriculture. Find…

11th Jan 2022 | Tara Chandrasekharan

Green Bond

In January 2020, Mowi became the first-ever seafood company to issue a green bond, pledging €200 million to finance numerous green projects. It is…

17th Apr 2020 | FAIRR Initiative

2021-12-09 Meat Chapter 1

Animal agriculture is an inherently volatile industry, influenced by changing consumer preferences, price changes and disease prevalence. Learn more about future demand and the…

14th Jan 2022 | Anna de Winton


Asia’s meat, seafood and dairy industries face a range of badly managed ESG risks. Find out how to manage them in this report.…

14th Aug 2017 | FAIRR Initiative


In 2016, FAIRR initiated a three-year collaborative engagement to ask large food companies to end the nontherapeutic use of antibiotics important to human health…

10th Nov 2017 | FAIRR Initiative


As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds globally, we are presented with a real time case study into the vulnerability of animal agriculture systems to external…

3rd Jun 2020 | FAIRR Initiative

2022-02-14 Industry Reinfected

This new policy working paper summarises some of the key policy trends related to the prevention of emerging disease risks.