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14 November 2023
Antibiotics & Health

Factsheet Overview

Antibiotic use in animal agriculture varies widely by factors such as species, geography, and farm type. These factsheets provide a detailed look at species-specific antibiotic use in intensive livestock farming. They seek to provide investors with an informative and easily digestible look at the variations in antibiotic use across species. 

As AMR continues to threaten both human and planetary health, it is increasingly important that investors be well-informed about AMR risk. These factsheets enable readers to understand the role of antibiotics in animal health, and shed light on particular areas of risk and opportunity. This includes identifying the most concerning impacts of AMR in livestock production, while also exploring novel innovations that could serve as potential solutions to the AMR crisis. 

In a world grappling with the challenges of AMR, these factsheets empower investors to navigate a complex landscape with knowledge and foresight, fostering responsible investment decisions and supporting long-term industry sustainability.

Factsheet Highlights

The findings of these factsheets can help investors:

  • Understand the most common reasons for antibiotic use in different species.

  • Explore the species-specific impacts of antibiotic misuse and overuse.

  • Understand why antibiotic usage is higher in some geographies than in others.

  • Learn where antibiotic use has been effectively reduced for certain species.

  • See how companies can manage AMR and ensure responsible antibiotic use in their supply chains.

  • Learn about the animal health innovations that are available to support reductions in antibiotic use.

  • Understand why investors focused on climate change should take notice of AMR and antibiotic use.