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Max Boucher

Senior Manager, Research & Engagements, Biodiversity
Max Boucher
Research & Engagements
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Max is the Senior Manager of Research & Engagements leading FAIRR’s Biodiversity and Oceans workstream since joining the organisation in 2021. He focuses on helping investors better assess the materiality of nature-related risks and opportunities, and on leading collaborative engagements with companies. 

Working at FAIRR

The biodiversity research and engagement workstream consists of 5 key areas of thematic research: Corporate level biodiversity exposure, waste and pollution, direct exploitation of nature resources and regenerative agriculture, land use change, and oceans.

These include two core collaborative engagement programmes: waste and pollution, and salmon aquaculture feed. The former asks pork and poultry processors to conduct nature-related and water-quality risk assessments for their facilities, livestock and feed supplies, and to explore circular solutions in addition to mitigatory actions. The latter asks companies that dominate Nordic, Scottish and Chilean salmon farming to reduce their exposure to wild-catch, the biggest driver of marine biodiversity loss.

As part of his thematic research on nature-related risks and opportunities, Max has authored FAIRR’s reports on corporate biodiversity footprints, regenerative agriculture, risks and circular opportunities of manure and animal waste as well as various engagement-related reports across waste and pollution and oceans.


Before joining the FAIRR Initiative, Max spent eight years working at Bloomberg where he was an Equity Research Analyst covering consumer staples and consumer discretionary stocks, later shifting his focus towards ESG and sustainable finance. He is a CFA Charterholder and holds a graduate degree in finance from HEC Montreal. As part of his tenure at Bloomberg, he contributed sectorial expertise to the development of ESG scores, to the integration of ESG factors in fundamental analysis across equity and fixed income research teams, and to thematic research across environment, social and governance.

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