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Event - Conference

This roundtable is part of Blue Food Innovation Summit, an event that bring together producers, innovators and investors to explore the opportunities and…

14th Jun 2022 | Blue Food Innovation Summit

Screenshot 2022-04-14 171656
Event - Panel Discussion

Part of RI Japan 2022, this discussion panel will bring together experts within investment and finance. Panellists will discuss sustainability concerns in the…

25th May 2022 | Responsible Investor

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FAIRR Conversations
FAIRR Conversations Podcast

In part two of Feeding Resistance, Philippa Thornton, ESG Analyst, continues the discussion on antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Joining Philippa to discuss how we can…

18th Nov 2021 | katezabolonskaya

Sustainable Investing Podcast
Guest podcast

Maria Lettini joins Eva Cairns to discuss the challenges the food industry faces when trying to tackle climate change.

29th Oct 2021 | Matthew Wells


Antibiotic 15

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) highlights that the continued inappropriate use of antimicrobials in animal agriculture could lead to reduced food…

7th Apr 2022 | Stephanie Haszczyn

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13th May 2022 | Ekaterina Zabolonskaya

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2022-02-14 Industry Reinfected
Press Release

Marking two years of COVID-19, new research warns failure to improve crowded, high-stress conditions in animal agriculture fosters an ideal breeding ground for new…

16th Feb 2022 | Matthew Wells