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Event - Webinar

SUSTAINABLE AQUACULTURE | How will risks drive its future This session will explore the latest findings from our investor engagement on sustainable aquaculture, including…

8th Dec 2021 | FAIRR Initiative

Event - Webinar

BIODIVERSITY LOSS | How animal waste mismanagement drives biodiversity loss and accelerates climate risk? What is the extent of manure pollution? How do the…

7th Dec 2021 | FAIRR Initiative

Event - Webinar

CLIMATE RISK | Animal Agriculture’s Response to Climate Risk During this session, we will examine emissions inventories, climate targets, scenario analysis and the Weighted…

6th Dec 2021 | FAIRR Initiative

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FAIRR Conversations
FAIRR Conversations Podcast

In part two of Feeding Resistance, Philippa Thornton, ESG Analyst, continues the discussion on antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Joining Philippa to discuss how we can…

18th Nov 2021 | katezabolonskaya

Sustainable Investing Podcast
Guest podcast

Maria Lettini joins Eva Cairns to discuss the challenges the food industry faces when trying to tackle climate change.

29th Oct 2021 | Matthew Wells



The FAIRR initiative has been active at COP26, highlighting the importance of making food systems more resilient and sustainable to mitigate the most material…

18th Nov 2021 | kellybush

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26th Nov 2021 | Ekaterina Zabolonskaya

Weekly Digest

FAIRR’s top news picks, keeping your finger on the pulse for development in the protein sector.

19th Nov 2021 | Ekaterina Zabolonskaya

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