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Cultivated Meat Faces Potential Ban in Italy

Forbes | 19 July 2023

The Italian Senate approved a bill to ban cultured meat production and imports, with the aim of protecting national interests, food heritage and consumer health. However, the bill still needs full approval from the Chamber of Deputies. Critics claim it focuses on non-existent products, while an environmental organisation believes it avoids addressing intensive farming problems. The bill includes restrictions on 'synthetic’ food and feed, with plans to introduce a decree prohibiting certain 'food names' for plant-based products to prevent confusion among consumers.

Reducing Meat Intake Critical to Control Carbon Footprint

BBC | 20 July 2023

Oxford University researchers have disclosed the environmental consequences of meat consumption, showing that big meat-eaters generate 10.24kg of CO2 each day, while vegans only produce 2.47kg. The study also assesses other environmental impacts, such as land use and water pollution. Critics argue that carbon absorption in grasslands should be factored in, but experts emphasize the importance of reducing meat intake for sustainability goals. Supporting farmers during this shift is crucial. Despite the UK government's net-zero target, the public's attitude towards meat poses a significant challenge.

South America's Resolution: Ending Amazon Deforestation by 2030

Bloomberg | 20 July 2023

South American countries, including Brazil, are uniting to stop illegal deforestation in the Amazon rainforest by 2023. The ambitious pledge aims to protect the planet’s largest rainforest, even amid conflicting economic interests in gold mining, oil and timber industries. In August, President Lula will host a meeting where the leaders will sign the Amazon declaration, demonstrating regional unity in the preservation efforts. The agreement’s ultimate goal is to combat climate change and preserve the Amazon’s vital ecological role.

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