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22 September 2023
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EU to Ban ‘Climate Neutral’ Claims by 2026

The Financial Times | 20 September 2023

The EU will ban misleading environmental claims such as “climate neutral” or “eco” by 2026, which would make the bloc the toughest region in the world in terms of its approach to public green claims. The rules will also ban claims based on emissions offsetting and green labels that are not from approved sustainability schemes. However, several proposals are likely to be dropped, such as the new rules on animal welfare and regulations aiming to create more sustainable food systems.

Big Food Runs Greenwash Risks Over Regenerative Farming Push

Bloomberg | 20 September 2023

The sustainability strategies of food companies are still too vague on how they will meet commitments on climate and nature. Regenerative Agriculture has gained considerable traction within the agri-food sector as a way of reducing the environmental and social harm associated with conventional production practices. FAIRR’s new thematic report aims to determine whether regenerative agriculture commitments across 79 publicly listed agri-food companies are meaningful enough to deliver climate, nature and social goals.

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JBS Says Brazil Needs Mandatory Cattle Tracking to Stop Deforestation | Tom Polansek | Reuters

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