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New Labelling Standards to Affect the US Meat Producers

WATTPoultry | 20 June 2023

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is set to impose stricter regulations on animal protein producers, requiring stronger evidence for labelling claims like ‘free range’ and ‘antibiotic free’. They intended to revise the industry guidelines and promote the use of third-party certification for verification. Furthermore, the agency plans to conduct a sampling project to assess antibiotic residues in cattle intended for the "raised without antibiotics" market. These measures aim to enhance the accuracy of labelling claims and reduce consumer confusion.

Beyond Meat Challengers Suffer Setbacks as Initial Excitement Fades

Bloomberg | 22 June 2023

The alternative meat industry is experiencing setbacks as investors halt funding, production costs increase, and consumer expectations grow. Companies like Unreal Food, Remastered Foods and The Meatless Farm, have suspended operations, reduced staff, or sought buyers. This downsizing is expected to continue until the sector stabilises, resulting in lesser competitors and more focused resources. Despite the industry challenges faced by the leaders like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, investors remain optimistic about the future of the market, projected to reach $100 billion in sales by 2030.

Antibiotic Resistance Threatens Britain's Meat Supply Chains

The Grocer | 22 June 2023

Despite efforts to decrease antibiotic usage in Britain, concerns about overuse and resistance remain. Although antibiotic usage in UK livestock has decreased, loopholes in the supply chains persist. This is evidenced by the use of critically important antibiotics by a Polish producer that supplies frozen poultry products to Lidl, Asda and Iceland, resulting in an outbreak of salmonella. Stricter regulations and enforcement are required to ensure food safety and responsible antibiotic use, protecting consumers. Find out more about FAIRR’s work on Antimicrobial Resistance here.

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