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María joined FAIRR in 2019 as a lead analyst on the Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index. After three years of experience, María is now working to engage companies and support investors to manage biodiversity and nature-related risks. 

Working at FAIRR

As part of her work on the Coller Protein Producer Index, María contributed to improving the methodology and assessment framework, leading the data analysis, as well as conducting thematic research on topics such as water risks. 

Recent examples of María´s work include FAIRR’s thematic report on regenerative agriculture, which assesses the potential and credibility of regenerative agriculture commitments of agri-food companies to deliver on climate, nature and social goals. María also works with the FAIRR biodiversity team on FAIRR’s Waste & Pollution Collaborative Investor Engagement. The findings of this engagement were released at the end of 2023: Animal Waste: A Neglected Opportunity for Biodiversity.  


María has a keen interest in food security, sustainable development and biodiversity. She holds a BA in International Relations and an MA in Globalisation, Environment and Social Change from Stockholm University.

Latest Reports from María

Multiple ESG Topics

Tackling the Climate-Nature Nexus

4 March 2024
Multiple ESG Topics

The Four Labours of Regenerative Agriculture

20 September 2023
Multiple ESG Topics

Animal Waste: A Neglected Opportunity for Biodiversity

28 June 2023