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28 July 2023
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Europe’s First-Ever Application to Sell Cultivated Meat

Food Manufacture | 26 July 2023

Israeli start up Aleph Farms becomes the first company to apply for permission to sell cultivated meat in Europe. Over the next 12 months, the Swiss authorities will carry out a safety assessment and toxicological studies to determine whether approval for sale in Switzerland can be granted. If approved, this will provide an opportunity for the country to significantly reduce carbon emissions, enhance food security, create jobs, and promote food innovation.

Plant-Based Diets Are Responsible for 75% Less Emissions Than Those That Contain Meat

The New York Times | 21 July

Analysis of 55,500 people’s diets shows that those who eat exclusively plant-based foods are responsible for 75% less greenhouse gases than meat-eaters. In addition, the study highlights that a plant-based diet results in significantly less harm to land, water and biodiversity. If meat eaters in the United Kingdom who consumed more than 3.5 ounces of a meat a day reduced their intake by 48%, it would be the equivalent of removing 8 million cars off the road.

COP28: Science-Based Roadmap to 1.5C Promised for Food Systems at Climate Summit

edie | 25 July 2023

The COP28 food and agriculture agenda encourages nations to develop sustainable land-use systems domestically and internationally and to include emissions from food systems in their climate commitments. Currently, only a minority of nations make any reference to food systems in their Nationally Determined Commitments, and even fewer have established time-bound, numerical targets to cut emissions. This year, FAIRR convened an investor letter calling for all G20 nations to disclose specific targets for emissions reduction in agriculture.

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