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10 November 2023
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EU Farmers Should Pay For Their Carbon Emissions, Says Denmark

Financial Times | 6 November  

Denmark's Climate minister, Lars Aagard, has proposed that the EU farmers should take on the costs of their farms’ greenhouse gas emissions. Denmark is aiming to achieve a 95% reduction in emissions by 2040 and Aagard has advocated that to make significant progress the agriculture sector’s emissions need to be addressed. Currently, Denmark is considering measures such as a carbon tax on beef and dairy production, which is said to be key to meeting their climate targets.

Hidden Costs of the Global Agri-Food System Valued to $10 Trillion

Reuters | 8 November  

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation's report, 'The State of Food and Agriculture 2023', states that the hidden costs of the global agri-food system amounts to at least $10 trillion annually - 10% of the global GDP. 70% of these costs are due to several factors such as unhealthy diets and emissions and land-use change. Next year's report will use targeted evaluations to provide the best measures for policymakers to implement with the goal of reducing the climate impacts of the agri-food system.

EU Makes a Deal to Advance the Approval of the Nature Restoration Law

Bloomberg | 9 November 

The European Union are finalising a deal to advance the Nature Restoration Law which aims to restore 20% of the bloc’s land and sea to its original state. The law has faced widespread opposition from policymakers who fear potential disruptions to food supplies, but during the negotiations concessions have been made to address these concerns such as the removal of the requirement to renature 10% of farmland. 

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