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3 November 2023
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Powerful Collaboration Calls to Incorporate a Food Systems Approach at COP28 

Forbes | 31 October 2023 

A collaboration of world leading organisations has urged for a food systems approach to be included into the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) ahead of COP28 in Dubai. An open letter featuring support from WWF and the Global Alliance for the Future of Food calls for the UNFCCC to address that the food sector is a major contributor to the climate crisis and plays a vital role to achieve the Paris Agreement’s targets. 

Unilever Share Findings From Their Regenerative Agriculture Projects 

Food Navigator | 2 November 2023 

Unilever has reported positive environmental results from its first regenerative agriculture projects in Spain, Italy and the US. In 2020, Unilever committed to invest €1 billion in climate, nature and resource efficiency projects to align with its net zero emissions targets by 2039. Results from such projects have shown a 37% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions per kilogram of tomatoes in Spain and an improved soil fertility. Projects in the US have reported a 14% reduction in nitrate runoff and a 6% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions.  

South Korea Government Plans to Promote Plant-Based Food 

Food Ingredients First | 2 November 2023 

The South Korean government have announced new initiatives to promote the growth in the plant-based food industry. The plans include enhancing support in various areas of research, the industry and public sectors. This decision aligns with the global trends to reduce meat and dairy consumption to address climate change impacts. It is expected that the new initiatives set to launch in December will appeal to the younger generation in South Korea who are increasingly open to plant based food options. 

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