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EU Considers Dropping Stricter Animal Welfare Measures

Financial Times | 11 September 2023

The EU is considering dropping plans to impose stricter animal welfare laws in the farming industry over concerns that they could drive food inflation. The proposed regulations cover the use of cages for livestock, the killing of day-old chicks, and the sale and production of fur. Not only are they often inhumane, but poor animal welfare practices also present a material financial and investment risk. FAIRR’s recent blog explores why animal welfare may be an overlooked investment issue.

Lab-Grown Chicken Firm Picks Chicago Area for Large-Scale Plant

Bloomberg | 14 September 2023

Upside Foods Inc, a lab-grown chicken company cleared to sell its products in the US, will invest $140 million in its first commercial-scale factory in Chicago’s suburbs. After securing $400 million in funding last year, Upside is now aiming to expand its product offering and decrease production costs. Cultivated meat production reduces negative environmental impacts associated with conventional meat production, such as minimising water usage and significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Nestlé and Cargill Team on Regenerative Agriculture

GreenBiz | 15 September 2023

Nestlé and Cargill partner up on a regenerative agriculture scheme that will transform cocoa shells discarded from a chocolate factory into low-carbon fertiliser. The food giants are aiming to produce 7,000 tonnes of the fertiliser which will be offered to farmers supplying Nestlé UK & Ireland. In recent years, regenerative agriculture has gained considerable traction within the agri-food sector as a systemic shift in conventional production which can help meet nature and climate goals.

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