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15 October 2020
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What is the role of the finance sector in the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss?

In a new film co-produced by the WWF,  Jeremy Coller, Founder of the FAIRR Initiative and CIO of Coller Capital, joins other well-known names to consider how the financial sector can use its influence to build a more sustainable future, namely by driving transformative change within the food sector.

Jeremy lends his voice alongside other financial and sustainability leaders, including Sir David Attenborough, the former Bank of England governor, Mark Carney, and the former CIO of the Government Pension Fund of Japan, Hiro Mizuno.

As explored in the film, one of the single biggest actions we can take to protect our planet is to change our global food systems. Intensive animal agriculture remains a leading cause of climate change and we need to see a significant transition to a more sustainable protein model, which includes the rapidly emerging alternative protein sector.

_“Within a decade, alternative proteins are expected to grab over 10% of the $1.4trn dollar meat market”.

Jeremy Coller

‘Our Planet: Too Big To Fail’ is a powerful 40-minute documentary that uses stunning footage from the renowned Netflix series, Our Planet, while exploring the detrimental impact of a business-as-usual approach to a world with finite resources. It is an urgent call on the financial sector to act now in order to prevent the onset of global catastrophe.

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