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Brussels Risks Legal Action Over EU Taxonomy

Financial Times | 23 January 2022

Tensions in the EU continue. Pro-gas and pro-nuclear countries like France are backing the move to include these energy sources in the EU Taxonomy. Nevertheless, the European Commission now risks legal action as anti-nuclear governments of Austria and Luxembourg point to toxic waste and radiation risks associated with nuclear power. If the move goes ahead, it will set a precedent for the upcoming EU Taxonomy on agriculture to be less ambitious.

Livestock and Livelihoods Lost to Floods and Cold in Kenya

Reuters | 26 January 2022

Following millions of livestock killed in Canadian floods last month, this week disaster strikes on a different continent. Thousands of sheep and goats were killed in severe floods in Kenya leaving local farmers with no means. Torrential rains were followed by colder than normal temperatures adding another strain on the Kenyan livestock sector. With extreme weather events projected to be more frequent globally, farmers will be in need of support to prevent and mitigate the climate risks threatening their livelihoods.

China’s New 5-Year Plan is a Blueprint for the Future of Meat

Time | 27 January 2022

For the first time, China included cultivated meats and other “future foods” in its official five-year agricultural plan. The move could present a great opportunity by providing a new market for investment, accelerating China’s regulatory timeline for cultured meat, and promoting further research and consumer acceptance of alternative proteins. As China is one of the largest consumers of eggs and meat, these policy actions are also likely to reduce the nation’s contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions.

Graphic of the Week

According to the World Bank projections for 2020-2040, the largest increase in emissions is expected from livestock production.

Source: World Bank

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