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9 June 2023
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Reshaping the West: Arizona's Water Crisis Spotlights Climate Change Impact

The Washington Post | 4 June 2023

Climate change is causing water troubles in Arizona, leading to declining groundwater and risks to vital resources. Drought, receding glaciers, wildfires, and shrinking water bodies are transforming the region. Restrictions on residential construction in certain areas of Phoenix due to water scarcity demonstrate the need for difficult decisions about the state's future. As water scarcity worsens, balancing urban and agricultural water use becomes crucial, prompting the consideration of expensive solutions such as desalination and water pipelines. 

Investing in Change: Alt Protein Over Livestock Production

Vegconomist | 5 June 2023

ProVeg International urges EU to prioritise plant-based diets over livestock, citing environmental impact and benefits. The Smart Protein project's report reveals livestock's contribution to pollution, water depletion, and 17% of regional carbon emissions. Promoting alternatives and plant-based eating tackles climate change, diseases, hunger, and animal welfare. The Smart Protein Policy Brief calls on European Commission to adopt policies favouring plant-based foods, including labelling, procurement, and equal VAT rates. 

Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Levels Soar to Near-Record Highs

The Washington Post | 5 June 2023

Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have surged to near-record highs, with this year's increase being one of the largest on record. The current concentration of carbon dioxide is now 50% higher than pre-industrial levels. These findings emphasize the inadequacy of global climate initiatives in addressing the planet’s warming. The rise in CO2 levels is primarily attributed to human activities such as burning fossil fuels, deforestation, and agriculture, with scientists warning that unless carbon emissions are substantially reduced, the consequences of climate change, including extreme weather events, will intensify. 

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