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US to Toughen Water Pollution Rules for Meat Plants

Reuters | 1 March 2023

Finally, for the first time in nearly 20 years, the EPA is looking to toughen its water pollution rules for slaughterhouses. This follows increasing complaints from local communities about phosphorus pollution in their environment and drinking water. Slaughterhouses are the top emitting industry of the mineral but, ironically, as much as 74% of meat plants are within one mile of low-income communities or communities of colour.

Spaniards Eat Less Meat as Food Prices Keep Breaking Records

Bloomberg | 1 March 2023

Record food inflation continues to negatively impact the global animal protein market. Spanish households have reduced consumption of meat and fish as they turn to canned and frozen foods instead. As food inflation rises above 15%, the government plans to increase taxes on supermarket chains to help finance more anti-inflation measures. In many cases, price hikes are not directly related to costs, but “illegitimately” they are linked to supermarket chains trying to make a profit.

WHO Issues Avian Flu Warning After a Girl Dies in Cambodia

The Guardian | 24 February 2023

Worrying news on bird flu as the WHO issues a warning after a girl’s death in Cambodia. The child died and her father tested positive for H5N1, prompting further fears of possible human-to-human transmission. Whilst it is unclear whether the two cases were the result of such transmission, experts continue to monitor the virus closely, noting that sporadic human cases are not unexpected as a result of exposure to infected poultry or contaminated environments.

Graphic of the Week

China ranked as the world’s second-largest poultry producer but as the world faces a major bird flu outbreak, it is running short of baby chicks. 

Source: Bloomberg

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