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10 February 2023
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FAIRR’s top news picks

Spain’s Pork Revolution Faces Backlash

The Guardian | 6 February 2023

In 2021, Spain, a country of 47 million people, slaughtered 58 million pigs – up 40% from a decade earlier – turning it into Europe’s largest pork meat producer. However, intensive pork production near many rural communities is causing serious issues for residents: streams of heavy trucks, nitrate pollution, and unpleasant smells. In light of these issues, Spain will have to closely monitor biodiversity risks in rural areas as well as potentially reconsider its pork exports model.

Dead Chicks and Rotting Meat: South Africa’s Power Cuts

The New York Times | 9 February 2023

A “state of disaster” was announced across South Africa, with daily power outages of up to 10 hours. With no plan in place to end the crisis, the power cuts are negatively impacting supermarkets, restaurants and food producers. Egg dishes have to be taken off menus and packaged meat goes to waste before it can be cooked. On top of that, there is an aggravating shortage of chicken as thousands of birds are freezing to death on farms.

Tight Supplies Will Lead To Lower Margins for Meat Producers in 2023

Food Dive | 8 February 2023

High operating costs and droughts will lead to lower margins into 2024 for large beef producers like JBS. Poultry producers including Tyson and Pilgrim’s Pride are also predicted to be pressured due to high feed costs and limited cold storage inventories. While profits of poultry and pork processors will likely decrease, their expanded product portfolios have the potential to reduce the negative impact of an economic downturn.

Graphic of the Week

Red meat consumption is declining amid the cost-of-living crisis and concerns over health, animal welfare, and the planet. While this has been a trend in Europe for years, now the world’s biggest beef eaters – like Argentina – are shifting to chicken or lentils.

Source: Bloomberg

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