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13th January 2023
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FAIRR’s top news picks

Bird Flu Outbreaks Fuelling Chance of Human Spill Over

The Guardian | 12 January 2023

Europe and North America are still battling the worst bird flu outbreak ever recorded. Whilst chances of a spill over into humans are low, experts are monitoring the virus very closely stressing the risk of a new pandemic. Intensive animal production systems create a perfect environment for new strains of diseases to emerge and spread. FAIRR’s research from last year shows that 63% of 60 meat and dairy companies assessed on pandemic risk rank as “High Risk”.

China and US Discuss Best Regulatory Processes for Cultivated Meat

Green Queen | 9 January 2023

In a landmark meeting for the protein innovation sector, China and the US exchanged knowledge and discussed public guidelines for cultivated meat. This in-depth sharing will have far-reaching significance, shaping collaboration on food innovation across the globe. The latest findings from FAIRR’s Sustainable Proteins engagement show that a combination of record investment, innovation and government policy is fuelling the alternative proteins market — plant-based and food technology alternatives to animal protein.

Bomb Cyclone Storm Causing Havoc to California Dairy Farmers

Ag Web | 6 January 2023

High winds, heavy rain and snow, and power outages are ravaging California this week. Extreme weather events like this have a major impact on livestock farmers by flooding their land, ruining crops, causing stress for animals and even killing them in some instances. Therefore, besides accounting for 14.5% of total greenhouse gas emissions and significantly contributing to climate change, animal agriculture is also seriously affected by it.

Graphic of the Week

Data produced by Rabobank indicates that in the upcoming years, aquafeed consumption is set to grow more quickly than feed for terrestrial species. Despite this, levels of soy in aquafeed are likely to decrease. Additionally, aquaculture in China is projected to expand more quickly than all other types of animal protein.

Source: Fish Site

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