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29 September 2023
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Forestry Compliance Put Brazil's Soy Exports to Europe at Risk

Bloomberg | 26 September 2023

Brazil faces potential challenges in maintaining its soy exports to the European Union due to difficulties in proving compliance with forest-protection laws. Commencing in 2025, the EU will require proof that soy and other goods are not associated with deforestation. Findings from research conducted by Trase and Instituto Centro de Vida reveal that 74% of soy originating from Brazil's Amazon and Cerrado regions lacks compliance with regulations, putting exports at risk. To align with EU standards, Brazil must improve transparency and data quality.

JBS Initiates Lab-Grown Meat Centre in Brazil

FoodDive | 26 September 2023

JBS S.A. is investing $62 million in constructing the JBS Biotech Innovation Center in Brazil, dedicated to advancing cell-based meat production. Its primary goals include improving the efficiency, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of lab-grown meat. JBS is committed to becoming a major player in the cultured meat sector, with plans for the world's largest cultivated beef plant in Spain. This innovative centre marks Brazil's inaugural endeavour in protein derived from animal cells, aligning with JBS' strategic vision of leadership in the food industry.

Bird Flu Epidemic: RCL Foods in South Africa Culls 410,000 Chickens

Reuters | 28 September 2023

South Africa's poultry giant RCL Foods subsidiary, Rainbow, has culled 410,000 chickens due to a severe avian flu outbreak, causing concerns about chicken and egg shortages. Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) has already affected egg supplies, leading to potential chicken meat shortages. Supply chain challenges have arisen, and Namibia has suspended poultry imports from South Africa due to the outbreak. Read more about FAIRR's latest report on Avian Flu.

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