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7 July 2023
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Tyson Foods Alters Label, Removes 'No Antibiotics Ever' from Specific Chicken Products

Reuters | 2 July 2023

Tyson Foods will reintroduce specific antibiotics into its chicken supply chain, signalling a departure from its "no antibiotics ever" policy. The antibiotics in question, known as ionophores, are deemed medically insignificant for human health. Ionophores are primarily utilised to control poultry diseases considering the well-being of birds. The change affects all Tyson-branded chicken products, with the transition expected to be completed by year-end. In 2017, Tyson had previously eliminated antibiotic usage in its retail line of chicken products. Learn more about FAIRR’s Animal Pharmaceuticals engagement.

UN Backs Somalia's First Carbon-Credit Program for Reforestation

Bloomberg | 5 July 2023

The UN and Iroko Analytics will fund and oversee Somalia's first reforestation carbon credits program. The initiative aims to address climate change in Somalia, which contributes to migration, and to improve the country's landscape. Iroko plans to plant trees on 3,000 to 5,000 hectares of land, using an appropriate combination of trees that sequester carbon and benefit the community. The sale of carbon credits will provide funds to the local community, including direct transfers to women. Iroko is also working on similar projects in Cameroon.

Farmers at Risk of Feed Scarcity as Climate Change Impacts Hay Yields

The Beef Site | 5 July 2023

Climate change has caused a more than one-third decline in spring hay yields in southern England, according to a long-term study analysing data from a Hertfordshire pasture. The research by Rothamsted Research and the University of Reading reveals a 35% decrease in grassland fodder yields over the past century. Further declines are anticipated with global warming intensifying. Projections indicate a reduction of 20-50% in spring hay yields by 2080.

Feed cost is one of the cost drivers included in the Coller FAIRR Climate Risk Tool – access the tool here, and learn more about the materiality of risks and opportunities of the largest livestock producers. 

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