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USDA Aims to Tighten ‘Humane,’ Antibiotic-Free Meat Labels

The Washington Post | 14 June 2023

US Department of Agriculture is looking to tighten regulations related to animal welfare and antibiotics labels on meats. Customers often pay a higher price for products labelled “humanely raised” or antibiotic-free but research suggests that such labels are often exaggerated to justify higher prices. False antibiotic-free labels mislead customers about the amount of antibiotics contained in the food they consume and present major reputational risks to companies and subsequently material risks for investors.

Upside Foods, Eat Just Earn USDA Label Approval for Cultivated Meat: ‘A Major Step Forward’

Green Queen | 15 June 2023

Upside Foods and Eat Just receive USDA label approval for their cultivated meats products. Now, the only step remaining prior to commercial production and sales is obtaining a Grant of Inspection for facilities, which means that cultivated meat is very close to being brought to US supermarket shelves. Cultured meat production significantly reduces negative environmental impacts associated with animal proteins, such as minimising water usage and significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Lab-Grown Meat Maker Uncommon Raises $30 Million

Reuters | 9 June 2023

More positive news for the cultivated meat sector this week as a British lab-grown meat producer Uncommon raises $30m in funding from investors. Whilst lab-grown meat is not sold in the UK just yet, the government has invested £12m (€13.57) in a new research centre to grow sustainable protein and cultivated meat. Investor interest in the subject is also on the rise - cultivated meat and fermentation companies across the UK and Europe raised a combined total of £510m in 2022.

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