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9 February 2021
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Aquaculture is the fastest-growing food-production sector in the world and currently accounts for over half of all fish consumed by humans. In 2018, global farmed fish production hit approximately 82.1 million tonnes, valued at $250 billion. As our population grows, the aquaculture sector is also set to play an essential role in fulfilling future protein demand. So how will aquaculture companies and investors safeguard this growth and continue to develop a more sustainable industry?

In this episode of FAIRR Conversations, A Deep Dive into Sustainable Aquaculture, Faazi Adam, Research & Engagement Manager at the FAIRR Initiative, talks to Kristina Furnes, Global Communications Manager at Grieg Seafood, about the ESG risks facing the booming aquaculture industry, as well as how fish-producers are responding to challenges like the global pandemic and climate change.

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