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Poor Working Conditions – A Plight for the Global Meat Industry?

Bloomberg | 14 February 2023

The animal farming industry has been scrutinised again due to its substandard labour practices. In light of the pandemic, the companies had boosted pay and other benefits, which have now been rolled back or reduced, leading to an acute workforce shortage at the plants. The labour shortage issue is driving inflation as the industry struggles to hire more workers. FAIRR’s latest report on the Working Conditions engagement addresses the human capital risks in the meat packing industry.

Animal Feed – Major Contributor to Environment’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The Guardian | 13 February 2023

Chicken and salmon farms are under pressure to reduce their emissions in light of a new study showing feed accounts for 78% and 69%, respectively, of the industries’ environmental pressures. Though they are considered more environmentally efficient when compared to beef, scientists noted both had ‘vast’ carbon footprints. Scientists are hoping that the emerging types of animal feed, such as insects, will make the industry more sustainable, helping to reduce GHG emissions. FAIRR members can learn more about our engagement on sustainable aquaculture feed here.

Japan Faces Unprecedented Spread of Bird Flu

Investing | 16 February 2023

The Avian flu outbreak in Japan has caused the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to warn of increasing risks from the disease. This unprecedented outbreak has forced farmers to cull nearly 15 million birds, nearly 50% more than the previous flu outbreak in 2020-2021. Learn more about FAIRR’s Industry Reinfected report, as 63% of the 60 companies assessed ranked as high risk on pandemic risk. 

Graphic of the Week

The global Avian flu has affected more than 100 million poultry leading to a high production cost of a carton of eggs in the US, making it more expensive than a pound of ground chuck in January.

Source: Bloomberg

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