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FAIRR Summary

The FAIRR Initiative is a collaborative investor network, founded by Jeremy Coller, with over 400 members representing more than $70 trillion of Assets Under Management, raising awareness of the risks and opportunities in the global food sector. Its mission is to build a global network of investors who are aware of the issues linked to intensive animal production and seek to minimise the risks within the broader food system.

FAIRR produces state-of-industry and outlook reports across relevant sustainability themes, underlining their materiality and providing a view on how to tackle the negative impacts of current food systems. The latest reports can be found here.

FAIRR’s subject matter and policy experts can speak to topics across the global food system, including:

  • Alternative proteins [including plant-based, fermentation and cultivated technologies]

  • Antimicrobial resistance

  • Biodiversity [including corporate footprints, regenerative agriculture, manure management, and pollution]

  • Climate risk

  • Sustainable aquaculture [including farmed salmon and seafood traceability]

  • Social risks [including working conditions, labour risks and the need for a Just Transition

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Useful Statistics

FAIRR is a trusted source of data on the sustainability performance of the meat and dairy industry. Please find within the download below, a few of our common regularly updated statistics (last updated: 27/03/2024):

  • In 2023, the Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index found that 25 Index companies are invested in the alternative protein market, more than quadruple compared to 2019, when there were only six companies.

  • 40 out of 52 companies assessed in the Index that source soy, and 4 out of 9 of companies that source beef, do not publicly disclose undertaking a deforestation related risk assessments of the sourcing of these commodities.

  • 62% of meat and dairy companies have now disclosed time-bound water consumption or withdrawal targets for their facilities in 2023, compared to just 43% in 2022.

  • The land sector – including agriculture, forestry and other land uses – is responsible for around 25% of net GHG emissions, with emissions from global livestock accounting for 14.5%

  • The number of Index companies disclosing unionisation rates increased from 18% in 2022 to 33% in 2023

$70 Trillion

in Investor Member AUM


investor members

Key Spokespeople

Jeremy Coller

Jeremy Coller is the Chief Investment Officer and Managing Partner of Coller Capital, a leading secondary private equity business, which he founded in 1990. It currently manages $28 billion of assets under management. He is the Chair of the Jeremy Coller Foundation, which serves as his philanthropic platform.

Fiona Reynolds

Fiona Reynolds is an independent director and advisory board member working globally across the business and investor sectors on ESG and sustainability issues.

Executive Director
Claire Berson

Claire Berson is an Executive Director with 20 years of global, multi-sector operational and commercial expertise working with institutional investors on ESG and sustainability issues.

Director of Thematic Research & Corporate Innovation
Jo Raven

Jo leads the Thematic Research and Corporate Innovation team and has oversight of FAIRR’s technical research and engagement efforts.

Director of ESG Research & Data
Erika Susanto

Erika leads the ESG Data and Research team and has oversight of FAIRR’s work in quantitative research and analytical tools.

Director of Investor Outreach
Sofía Condés

Sofía joined the FAIRR Initiative in April 2021. As Head of the Investor Outreach team at FAIRR, she is responsible for the development and implementation of a global investor outreach strategy to strengthen and expand FAIRR's investor network 

Lucrezia Tincani
Head of Policy
Lucrezia Tincani PhD

Dr Lucrezia Tincani joined the FAIRR Initiative in 2023, as the Head of Policy Programmes. She engages with governments, investors, regulators and industry bodies to co-develop policy solutions for building a more sustainable global food system.   

Megan Waters
Senior Policy Advisor
Megan Waters

Megan serves on a consultancy basis as FAIRR’s Senior Policy Advisor. She provides strategic input and analysis to FAIRR on both US policy and on geopolitical issues.

Climate Economist
Simi Thambi PhD

Simi joined FAIRR as Climate Economist in 2021 and serves as FAIRR’s primary expert on climate risk. She leads research and data analysis of the financial impacts of climate change on the private sector. 

Senior Engagement Specialist
Emma Berntman PhD

Emma leads the collaborative investor engagements on Sustainable Proteins and Animal Pharma.

Senior Technical Specialist, Climate and Biodiversity
Sajeev Mohankumar PhD

Sajeev joined FAIRR in 2023 as the Senior Technical Specialist across the Climate and Biodiversity workstreams. He supports investor members and agri-business to assess financial risks and opportunities for net-zero and nature-positive transitions.

Senior Manager, Research & Engagements
Cristina Figaredo

Cristina joined FAIRR in 2020 where she is the Senior Research and Engagement Manager leading the Social Risk workstream and supporting Climate work. Her work focuses on developing FAIRR’s services to support investor members and companies address existing social risk in agri-food supply chains, and to understand risks and capitalise on opportunities in the just transition to a socially and environmentally sustainable food sector. 

Max Boucher
Senior Manager, Research & Engagements, Biodiversity
Max Boucher

Max is the Senior Manager of Research & Engagements leading FAIRR’s Biodiversity and Oceans workstream since joining the organisation in 2021. He focuses on helping investors better assess the materiality of nature-related risks and opportunities, and on leading collaborative engagements with companies. 

Senior Manager, Research & Engagements
Thalia Vounaki

Thalia manages the Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index, a ground-breaking benchmark of 60 of the world’s largest protein producers.