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US Poultry Producers Harden Safety Measures as Bird Flu Spreads

Reuters | 11 February 2022

The meat sector is under new pressure showing its constant vulnerability to zoonotic diseases as a tremendously pathogenic bird flu spreads across the U.S. After it was reported in Indiana, China, South Korea and Mexico banned poultry imports from the state whilst poultry producers across the country are tightening safety measures for their flocks. Adequate safety measures at poultry plants are essential as bird flu can kill humans and lead to a large-scale pandemic.

Fossil Fuel and Agriculture Subsidies Climb to $1.8tn a Year

Financial Times | 17 February 2022

New research finds that governments worldwide are spending at least $1.8tn a year on subsidies in support of heavily polluting industries, such as coal, oil, and agriculture. This goes against commitments to climate change targets made at COP26 last year. These annual subsidies encourage unsustainable production and consumption, deplete natural resources and degrade ecosystems.

According to Analysis, Majority of Meat and Dairy Industry ‘Incubating’ Next Pandemic

Investment Week | 16 February 2022

The FAIRR Initiative’s new policy working paper indicates that 63% of global animal protein producers are failing to take the necessary measures to prevent future zoonotic pandemics. Deforestation, pollution, poor working conditions and animal welfare are critical factors that should be addressed to mitigate the risk of future disease. The UN links four out of seven human-related factors that could give rise to a new pandemic to agricultural intensification and increasing global meat consumption.

Graphic of the Week

Largest meat and dairy firms are failing to adequately manage disease and pandemic risks. 

Source: The FAIRR Initiative

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