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China Plans Methane Emissions Controls in Key Industries

Reuters | 25 November 2021

Positive news this week as China seems to be making progress on curbing its methane emissions. A nationwide plan targeting key industries, such as coal mining, agriculture and petroleum, is set to be published in 2022. China is still missing amongst the signatories of the Global Methane Pledge

Denmark Invests in Plant-Based Research While Remaining a Top Pork Producer 

Forbes | 22 November 2021

The Danish government approves a climate agreement making the largest investment in plant-based research and development in the EU. With animal products accounting for 82% of food’s carbon footprint in the EU, shifting to plant-based diets is essential for reducing emissions. The investment proves to be controversial, however, as Denmark remains one of the top pork producers in the EU. 

Investors Warn EU Against Badging Farming as Sustainable

Reuters | 24 November 2021

A letter from a group of investors coordinated by the FAIRR Initiative urges the European Commission not to badge intensive livestock farming as sustainable in the EU Taxonomy. As it accounts for 10% of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions, badging intensive farming subsidies as “green” will obstruct the pathway to Net Zero. The final decision is expected in December. 

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Source: Bloomberg

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