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Carbon Dioxide Agreement Staves Off Food Crisis in Britain

Financial Times | 1 February 2022

UK was left at risk of shortages of meat and carbonated drinks, as well as higher prices, after the government decided not to renew support for the carbon dioxide industry. In the meat sector, CO2 is required for the humane slaughter of animals including pigs and chickens. However, weeks of uncertainty and a crisis in the country’s food sector have been averted as Britain’s biggest carbon dioxide producer and its three industrial gas customers have agreed on a deal to secure supply.

Many European Farmers Still Give Their Animals Too Many Antibiotics

Economist | 2 February 2022

Earlier this month, the EU enacted stricter rules on the use of antibiotics in animal farming. However, new data shows that some countries are far closer to implementing the law than others. Countries like Spain and Cyprus have significantly higher use of antimicrobials per livestock unit compared to Nordic countries, for example. To achieve results in the global fight against antimicrobial resistance, the EU will have to establish better monitoring mechanisms for these policies.

Graphic of the Week

New analysis reveals that if everyone were vegan, agriculture would need just a quarter of the land it uses today. Even a diet avoiding only meat from cattle and sheep would cut land use in half. 

Source: Economist

More Food for Thought

EU: 2022 must see action on oceans, biodiversity, plastics | Edith M. Lederer | Washington Post

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