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McDonald’s Struggles to Fix Its Massive Methane Problem

Bloomberg | 1 December 2021

Clearly highlighting a bigger issue here: how can farmers adopt sustainable practices without a financial incentive to do so?

Every actor in the supply chain needs to be on board for McDonald’s and others to be able to meet their sustainability and carbon reduction targets. Data and information are essential to assessing the pathway to a low carbon economy – if we don’t have it, how can we assess McDonald’s, the beef industry or even countries’ emission reduction commitments?

Investor Group Warns Livestock Industry Needs to DO More on Methane

Reuters | 1 December 2021

The food and agriculture sector is the largest driver of both methane from human activity and deforestation, contributing up to 44% of methane emissions.

Yet, the latest findings of the Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index indicate that companies are falling short of COP26 pledges relating to methane and deforestation. LESS THAN A FIFTH of the world’s biggest livestock producers currently measure even some of their emissions.

Antibiotic Used in Livestock Production Could Cause Soil to Release More Carbon

The Counter | 2 December 2021

Besides contributing to antimicrobial resistance, now newly published research suggests that the use of common antibiotics in intensive livestock production could cause soil to release more carbon than it already does. Many countries, such as the U.S., are outlining the use of soil carbon storage as a means to fight climate change. Now there is another reason to consider the negative impacts of the routine administration of antibiotics to healthy animals in concentrated animal farming systems.

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A convergence of ESG issues are driving pig farming costs up and outputs down

Source: Financial Times

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