Our Team



Jeremy Coller

Jeremy Coller is Founder of the FAIRR Initiative and Chief Investment Officer and Managing Partner of Coller Capital.


Executive Director

Alan Briefel

Alan played an integral part of FAIRR’s launch in 2015.

Research & Engagements

Director of ESG Research & Data

Erika Susanto

Erika leads the ESG Data and Research team and has oversight of FAIRR's work in quantitative research and analytical tools.
Director of Thematic Research & Corporate Innovation

Jo Raven

Jo manages FAIRR's collaborative engagements with global food companies, including the development of evaluation frameworks.
Climate Economist

Simi Thambi PhD

Dr. Simi Thambi is FAIRR’s Climate Economist and leads the work on Coller FAIRR Climate Risk Tool.
Senior Engagement Specialist

Emma Berntman PhD

Emma manages the Sustainable Proteins and Animal Pharma collaborative investor engagements.
Senior Technical Specialist, Climate, Biodiversity and Oceans

Sajeev Mohankumar PhD

Sajeev's work at FAIRR focuses on Climate, Biodiversity, and Oceans.
Senior Manager, Research & Engagements

Thalia Vounaki

Thalia manages the Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index, a groundbreaking benchmark of 60 of the world's largest protein producers.
Senior Manager, Research & Engagements

Cristina Figaredo

Cristina manages collaborative engagements with investors and industry stakeholders to address risks and opportunities in the global protein supply chain. She currently leads FAIRR’s engagement on working conditions.
Senior Manager, Research & Engagements, Biodiversity

Max Boucher

Max is a Senior Manager, Research & Engagements, and leads on biodiversity and oceans.
Research & Engagement Manager, Oceans & Biodiversity

Lily Stuart

Lily is responsible for the aquaculture and biodiversity workstream and leads our engagements with investors and industry professionals.
Senior ESG Analyst

María Montosa

María works on engaging companies and supporting investors to manage biodiversity and nature-related risks.
Senior ESG Analyst

Philippa Thornton

Philippa is the Senior ESG Analyst in the Climate Transition Proteins engagement team.
Senior ESG Analyst

Siân Jones

Siân joined the FAIRR Initiative in November 2020 as a Communications Intern. She works within the Communications Team to support the marketing and communications strategy around key research and engagements efforts.
Senior ESG Analyst

Abby Herd

Abby works within the Research & Engagements team, focusing on Sustainable Proteins.
ESG Analyst

Changtong Huang

Changtong works on the Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index team, focusing on Asian companies in the Index.
ESG Analyst

Joseph Clifford

Joseph works as an ESG Analyst within the Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index.
ESG Analyst

Harry White

Harry works on the Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index team, looking at data, analytics and trends in the protein sector.
ESG Analyst

Fiona Jones

Fiona works within the Research and Engagements team, specifically working on a benchmark of the largest retailers, QSRs and food manufacturers.
ESG Analyst

Sophie Bartley

Sophie supports the R&E team focusing on Animal Pharmaceuticals, Sustainable Proteins, and Alternative Protein Technology.
ESG Analyst

Weiming Pu

Weiming is part of the Coller FAIRR Climate Risk Tool team.
ESG Analyst

Megan O’Brien

Megan is on the Research & Engagements team working on AMR in the Quick Service Restaurant industry.
ESG Analyst

Cristian Stoian

Cristian is part of the Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index team.
ESG Analyst

Matthew Chatsuwan

Matthew's primary work focuses on FAIRR’s Climate Transition Proteins Engagement. 
ESG Analyst Intern

Joseph Hall

Joseph is an ESG Analyst Intern working within the Protein Producer Index Team.


Policy Director

Helena Wright PhD

Helena focuses on policy solutions related to the risks and opportunities surrounding intensive animal agriculture.
Policy Officer

Keenya Hofmaier

Keenya is part of the Policy team at FAIRR, focusing on sustainable agriculture and finance policy in the EU and Asia.

Investor Outreach & Member Services

Head of Investor Outreach

Sofía Condés

Sofía is responsible for bringing new investors to the FAIRR network and ensuring continued engagement with our members.
Investor Outreach Manager

Sofía De La Parra

Sofía is responsible for strengthening and expanding FAIRR’s investor network, leading outreach work in the United States and in other global markets.
Investor Outreach Analyst

Isobel Rosen

Isobel supports the Outreach team with strengthening and expanding FAIRRs global investor network.

Marketing & Communications

Senior Communications Manager

Kathryn Mortimer

Kathryn works alongside the Marketing Manager to help raise awareness of FAIRR’s work, and help our investor members to change the conversation around factory farming.
Marketing and Communications Analyst

Ekaterina Zabolonskaya

Ekaterina supports the marketing and communications strategy through news tracking, multi-channel reporting, content creation and social media management.
Marketing and Communications Analyst

Purva Sethi

Purva supports the marketing and communications team in various projects along with analysing and managing the website, SEO, email marketing and social media channels.

HR & Operations

Director of HR

Karen Bowden-Brown

Karen is responsible for ensuring that the FAIRR Initiative has a best-in-class approach to people management and works with the executive team to align the people strategy with the organisation's ambitious growth plans.