Our Team

Policy Director

Helena Wright

Helena focuses on policy solutions related to the risks and opportunities surrounding intensive animal agriculture.
Head of Investor Outreach

Teni Ekundare

Teni leads our global investor outreach activities and works to educate investors on the potential risks and rewards in the global protein industry
Senior Manager, Research & Engagements

Jo Raven

Jo manages FAIRR's collaborative engagements with global food companies, including the development of evaluation frameworks.
Investor Outreach Manager

Sofia Condes

Sofia is responsible for bringing new investors to the FAIRR network and ensuring continued engagement with our members.
Research & Engagement Manager

Cristina Figaredo

Cristina manages collaborative engagements with investors and industry stakeholders to address risks and opportunities in the global protein supply chain. She currently leads FAIRR’s engagement on working conditions.
Research & Engagement Manager

Lily Stuart

Lily is responsible for the aquaculture and biodiversity workstream and leads our engagements with investors and industry professionals.
Senior ESG Analyst

Anna De Winton

Anna works in the research team, focusing on the evaluation of global protein producers’ exposure to material ESG risks in the Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index.
ESG Analyst

Tara Chandrasekharan

Tara works within the Research &Engagements team where she is responsible for the Meat Sourcing Engagement and the Cerrado Manifesto.
ESG Analyst

Sofía De La Parra

Sofía De La Parra is responsible for the analysis and evaluation of retailers and brand manufacturers as part of the Sustainable Proteins engagement.
Outreach Analyst

Chris Coggin

Chris provides support to the Outreach team and helps to coordinate investor engagements, as well as expand the FAIRR Investor Network.
Communications Officer

Lisa Turner

Lisa works across all teams to shape the marketing and communications strategy around key research and engagements reports. 
Operations & Communications Coordinator

Matthew Wells

Matthew is responsible for digital marketing, data management, content design and operations.
ESG Intern

Siân Jones

Siân joined the FAIRR Initiative in November 2020 as a Communications Intern. She works within the Communications Team to support the marketing and communications strategy around key research and engagements efforts.
ESG Intern

Ludovic Lenders

Ludovic is an ESG Analyst Intern at the FAIRR Initiative. He joined FAIRR in February 2021 driven by his passion for sustainable agriculture and impact investing. Prior to joining FAIRR, Ludovic undertook internships at Carbon Disclosure Project, and later at Impact-Cubed, diving into the world of ESG both on the reporting and investments solutions side. He studied Liberal Arts & Sciences at UCL, combining his passion for biology, conservation, economics, and policy while focusing on sustainable food systems and agroecology.
ESG Intern

Nicola Meyer

Nicola joined the FAIRR Initiative in March 2021 as an ESG Intern.  She contributes to the development of the Protein Producer Index methodology and conducts research into the policies and practices of major protein producers.
ESG Intern

Grace Martin

Grace joined the FAIRR Initiative in February 2021 as an ESG Intern. She works within the Research and Engagements team, focusing on both the Sustainable Proteins and Animal Health engagements.
Communications Intern

Isabelle Stuart

Isabelle joined the FAIRR Initiative in March 2020 and helps in coordinating its communications activities and building its social media presence.