Our team

Executive Director

Maria Lettini

Maria joined FAIRR in September 2016 and has oversight of the creation and execution of FAIRR’s strategy and work plans. read more
Head of Research and Engagements

Aarti Ramachandran

Aarti is Head of Research & Engagements at the FAIRR Initiative, where she oversees the investor network’s collaborative engagement and research initiatives. read more
Senior Advisor

Rosie Wardle

Rosie launched FAIRR as an initiative of the Jeremy Coller Foundation in 2015 and currently acts as a Senior Advisor to FAIRR. read more
Research and Engagement Manager

Iman Effendi

Iman manages the research and assessment of companies covered by the Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index and supports FAIRR’s existing and upcoming engagement projects. read more
Engagement Manager

Jo Raven

Jo manages FAIRR's collaborative engagements with global food companies, including the development of evaluation frameworks. read more
Investor Outreach Manager

Sofiane Belmiloud

Sofiane joined the FAIRR Initiative as Investor Outreach Manager in July and is responsible for engaging with the capital markets stakeholders. read more
Research Manager

Faazi Adam

Faazi joined FAIRR in March 2017. As Research Manager, she produces FAIRR’s thematic reports. read more
Outreach Analyst

Elliot Teperman

Elliot joined FAIRR in August 2019. He is an analyst for both the Outreach and Research teams. read more
ESG Analyst

Lorraine Hau

Lorraine is an ESG analyst at the FAIRR Initiative, focusing on company evaluations through the Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index. read more
ESG Analyst

Kezia Smithe

Kezia is an ESG analyst at the FAIRR Initiative, focusing on AMR and antibiotic stewardship, and sustainable protein supply chains. read more
ESG Analyst Intern

Maria Montosa

María joined FAIRR in September 2019, and works as an ESG analyst on FAIRR's research and engagement projects. read more

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We are protecting the long term value of global investment portfolios by transforming the safety and sustainability of the world’s food system. Join us.

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