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Makayla Angelyn Magadi

Marketing and Communications Intern

Makayla joined the FAIRR Initiative in September 2023 as a Marketing and Communications Intern working to support the team with FAIRR's upcoming projects.  

Makayla holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry (with Honours) from The University of Warwick, with a background in innovation and public engagement. She extensively engaged in connecting local communities to research by creating engaging and informative blogs. During her studies, she conducted research on the use of organic dyes from fruits, flowers or leaves as a promising sensitizer for dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs), researching its great potential for developing sustainable and environmentally friendly solar energy. 

Makayla is experienced in social media management and marketing, with a particular focus on events in the West Midlands. She is passionate about innovation and raising awareness about scientific research and data to drive positive change for a more sustainable future. 

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